Careers at Stormwest

Current Openings:

Front-End DeveloperOklahoma City, OK
Full-Stack Web DeveloperOklahoma City, OK
JavaScript DeveloperOklahoma City, OK
Account ManagerOklahoma City, OK
VP of SalesOklahoma City, OK

Front-End Web Developer

Stormwest has an opportunity for a Front End Web Developer to join the Digital Marketing and Demand Generation UI/UX team. This role will be dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our websites and landing pages and supporting our growing digital marketing business from our North American headquarters in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

We are looking for a Badass Front End Web Developer who is motivated to combine the art of UX design with the art of programming, and help bring to life elements and pages in terms of both how they render, function, and flow. The Front End developer will be embedded with the marketing team and will serve as the go-to person responsible for translating rough wireframes and low-res mockups into mobile-first, responsive funnels and flows that keep consumers engaged from click to conversion.

Some crucial responsibilities include:

  • Mobile-first and conversion optimization are top priorities. Internet Explorer is dead to us.
  • Strong partnership with the backend team (posting to endpoints, parsing JSON, Implementing RESTful APIs and understanding JSON)
  • Understanding Business Goals and being open to alternative optimization methodology than generally accepted.
  • Work with designers to bring mock-ups to live and utilize the best technologies for execution (SVG, CSS) for target browsers

The ideal candidate will meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • 3-5 years relevant work experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field
  • For the right fit, a Trade or Associate Degree with work experience will be considered.

The ideal candidate will be passionate and on board with goals as:

  • Creating storyboards and wireframes with user flows to build user journeys and engagement
  • Understanding user engagement journeys and the thinking behind the consumer on the other end of the browser.
  • Collaborating with UI/UX team to understand usability and user experience for both quality and conversion.
  • Obsessing over Load Time and Speed metrics (TTFP, HTTP Requests, Webpack, CDNs, and Browser-Side Caching/Prefetching)
  • Split Testing A/B Landing Pages for engagement, conversion, attribution, and quality.
  • The ability to throw away a beautiful design for a more functional user experience based solely on performance metrics.


  • Full understanding of HTML5/CSS3 markup for modern mobile web and desktop browsers.
  • Understanding of CSS pre-processors (LESS/SASS).
  • Proficiency in raw JavaScript client-side scripting.
  • Experience using modern JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery, React, Angular, VueJS.
  • Ability to use source control and relevant services (GitHub, Bitbucket)

Our unicorn candidate will:

  • Have used HTML5 creative design using Adobe Animate or similar.
  • Possess familiarity with Facebook Audiences, Google Tag Manager, or relevant tracking technologies.
  • Have dabbled with basic video editing, even if it’s only with iOS or Android apps like iMovie, Flimora, or Clips.
  • Experience with User Surveys or Signup UX processes and storyboards.

Founded in 2002, Stormwest has been a leader in online marketing with an emphasis on client conversion and demand generation. Our process includes building survey sites and marketing flows, funnels, and forms to engage audiences from social media, search, newsletters, and programmatic advertising. Stormwest has been at the forefront of digital marketing and is constantly pushing the envelope with RTB programmatic audience building, lookalike audiences for OTT video and rich media advertising, geofencing and analyzing metrics such as dwell time to pre-qualify consumers before they even see an ad. Our passion is to build a nurture a cohesive marketing team that truly understands the value in predetermining affinity of an an audience towards a product or a service, even before a user even sees a sponsored post or advertisement.


Stormwest, Equal Opportunity Employer, offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits, along with Flextime and generous paid time off, reflecting our philosophy of maintaining a healthy work/life balance for our employees. Bonus perks include half-day Fridays once a month, weekly raffles based on team performance, and complimentary tickets to movies, events, and the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder.

Salary range for this position is $80-100k per year dependent on experience.