About Stormwest

Founded in 2002, Stormwest has been a leader in online marketing with an emphasis on client conversion and demand generation. Our process includes building survey sites and marketing flows, funnels, and forms to engage audiences from social media, search, newsletters, and programmatic advertising. Stormwest has been at the forefront of digital marketing and is constantly pushing the envelope with RTB programmatic audience building, lookalike audiences for OTT video and rich media advertising, geofencing and analyzing metrics such as dwell time to pre-qualify consumers before they even see an ad. Our passion is to build and nurture a cohesive marketing team that truly understands the value in predetermining affinity of an an audience towards a product or a service, even before a user even sees a sponsored post or advertisement.

Our Mission

Our overarching mission at Stormwest is to provide quality consumers within industry standard acquisition cost thresholds, but to layer quality intelligence to maximize the lifetime value of consumers we acquire for our clients. Over the past 17 years, Stormwest has evolved from a direct response agency (yes, we're last-click attribution at heart) to a full-service lifetime value creator with respect for programmatic multi-touch attribution consideration with respect to longevity of customer relationships. When it comes to audience insights and data, we're a nerd herd.

We want to understand your top coveted customers and find more of them by taking a holistic approach to recognizing affinities of consumers who provide the best value long-term for your business. We learned many moons ago that the lowest cost does not translate into the best long-term results.